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Help us build our family through adoption!
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Jeremy and Kristen

Jeremy and Kristen

Dinner & Dukes

We eagerly await the arrival of a baby in our lives. Due to some infertility issues we have been unsuccessful in conceiving a child of our own. Through adoption we can finally have the family we've always dreamed of. Wanting very much to be parents, we came to d the decision that adoption is the best way for us to start our family!

We have known each other for quite some time, meeting through a mutual friend who worked on Kristen's family ranch. It was almost "love at first sight"!! We now spend most all of our free time working with our horses and other livestock on the ranch - but we love to go dancing, have long quiet dinners and traveling. We were married in Waimanalo Bay, Hawaii, where Jeremy's parents were stationed with the US Coast Guard. We are very excited because they have returned home to Alabama! Both sets of grandparents are anxiously awaiting their first grandchild. They want nothing more than this long awaited, joyous edition to our families.

As a Network Analyst for a Fortune 500 company, Jeremy is very successful and secure in his career. His flexible schedule will give him plenty of daddy time, and financial security will allow Kristen to be a stay at home mommy. The maternal grandparents have their own home on the ranch near ours. Being retired there will be lots of time spent with them!