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Dear Birthmother Letter


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Help us build our family through adoption!

Dear Birthmother,
For you to be reading our letter, you have probably made the very difficult decision to seek adoption for your baby. We hope you find peace in knowing that considering an adoption plan is an extremely loving choice for your child, whether you choose us or another special family.

Life is a fun, wonderful adventure, and we would like to share that joy each day with your newborn child. We hope you will consider us, as we can provide a happy home and secure future.

About Kristen:
Kristen is an only child, who excelled in school and played flute in the band. Her family has become very successful through business ownership. Kristens great grandmother, a well known Texas artist, was 105 before her passing. Her maternal and paternal grandparents are in the oil and automobile industry.

Kristen, Jeremy and her parents currently have 20 head of horses with a number of babies due in the Spring. The herd includes two beautiful paint studs and several breeding mares. We each have our own riding horses, providing a source of great joy. Our newest baby is pictured in our family section - she was born April 18, what an experience that was!

About Jeremy:
Jeremy is the middle of three boys. He also excelled in school and has earned a college degree. His father, a Master Chief in the US Coast Guard, retired earlier this month. After raising the boys, his mother made the decision to return to college to get her Bachelors degree. Your child will be blessed with a loving mother and father, maternal and paternal grandparents, great grandparents - AND a great-great grandmother!

Our nursery is being completed as we build this site. A beautiful, old-fashioned Jenny Lind crib and Kristens great-grandmothers antique dressers are waiting. The crib holds many baby items...all neatly placed and ready for our blessed arrival! In the quiet and peacefulness of our home, it is so comforting to look in the bedroom and imagine a baby there.